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Does your school need funds… but you don’t know where to start?

Then join us at FundEd, the school fundraising association

There are thousands of schools raising money through innovative means. We are talking to schools, collating the ideas and creating ‘How-to guides’ so that all schools can work together to share best practice.

FundEd also brings together advice and programmes from fundraising experts, philanthropists, bid writers, foundations and other specialists to help generate extra sources of funding for schools.  

FundEd is a new school fundraising association designed to take you from 'We need funds, but where do we start?' to confidently and successfully fundraising. FundEd will equip you with tried and tested solutions, expert guidance and practical tools to solve your fundraising dilemmas – not just for your next project, but in an ongoing, sustainable way.

Pressures on budgets mean schools need a new approach to funding. Local and national businesses are keen to help, but often don't know how. FundEd provides everything you need to communicate your requirements to potential donors.

Get expert advice to tap into additional funds from your local community and through grants validated to be relevant to schools.

Schools know that they need to be more innovative about income generation – we will demonstrate how to get started and support you throughout the journey.

So how will FundEd help?

Through new technologies and traditional print media, FundEd will equip schools with the tools they need to raise £1,000s from the local community and access the millions of pounds available through foundations and corporate giving schemes. FundEd will:

  • Help schools galvanise support and secure investment from the local business community
  • Provide a dedicated list of grants specifically aimed at schools
  • Share expert advice and give the guidance needed for schools to source and submit successful grant applications
  • Work with philanthropists, entrepreneurs and organisations to develop further programmes to help inspire pupils


Community Inspired is a specialist in the school fundraising sector, providing inspiration, ideas and advice to 20,000 schools through the PTA+ network. FundEd Magazine is distributed 3 times a year and is available both in print and online. FundEd Magazine is sent a part of your programme. It is packed with rich and relevant information. From powerful case studies showing how schools just like yours have managed to fulfil their specific fundraising ambitions to practical advice on how to transform the way you carry out events and activities. Each edition has numerous giveaways competitions and offers.  FundEd magazine will bring you into the community of fundraising and empower you to confidently stretch your fundraising targets and achieve them.

Members will also receive PTA+ Magazine three times a year – for all your day-to-day event fundraising needs.

"What a brilliant resource FundEd is! For the first time in one place, you can access numerous different ideas on how to fund resources for your school. My life in these times of school funding austerity just got a whole lot easier, thank you FundEd!"

Jo Marchant,
Strategic Business Leader, Meadowfield School, Kent and Fellow of NASBM

Fundraising Events

Once you know exactly what you are fundraising for and you have a target amount to raise, you will need to agree a fundraising strategy. Grant donors in particular may ask you to demonstrate what efforts you have already undertaken to meet the costs of a project yourselves, therefore a multi-faceted approach to fundraising is needed. Events enable your parents and the wider community to support your school's fundraising efforts while having fun with their friends! But it's tricky deciding what events to run and understanding what it will take to pull it off successfully. From the traditional quiz night or school disco, to more ambitious initiatives such as music festivals or swishing nights, we have all the information you need over on our PTA+ website. Whether you're a fundraising veteran or complete novice, our guidance ranges from quick and easy ideas to full-on events and everything in between...

Campaigns Join Us

"At a time when austerity measures are hitting education hard, it is crucial that schools become proactive and source funding in order to enrich the school curriculum. FundEd is a one-stop shop that does just that!"

Lubna Khan,
Headteacher, Berrymede Junior School, London

Campaigns and competitions

Uncover the campaigns, competitions, programmes and special offers available for schools – great for free resources and pupil engagement. Are your pupils proficient at programming or savvy spellers? Fire up some competitive spirit with our run-down of national competitions. Always looking for the best deal? Find out what discounts and offers are out there!

Grants Join Us

"We raised a staggering £10,800! As the top fundraising team, we also won another £450 from the event organisers. We went home with aching shoulders but the event was a success and we felt a real sense of achievement. A few events later and our new Ash Class was opened in January. Now, what will our next fundraising challenge be?"

David Mylroi,
PTA Chair, St Lawrence CofE Primary School, Sevenoaks, Kent (89 pupils)


GrantFundEd highlights the grants available for the education sector. There are hundreds of grants available at any one time but they are not all relevant to schools. GrantFundEd has done all the hard work for you and vetted each one to make sure it is relevant to schools. Most schools lack bid-writing experience and the result is that you are potentially missing out on millions of pounds of investment. GrantFundEd facilitates access to the right grants and provides you and your PTA with the bid-writing skills required to successfully secure those funds.

CrowdFunding Join Us

"For many years I have been conscious of the fact that links with businesses and securing sponsorship could be very beneficial to pupils and the businesses themselves. This has always been on my to-do list, however, due to the many daily demand of headship, the time required to pursue this rigorously was never there. Having met Howard, I felt that his skill base was exactly what was required and so we agreed that he would take on the role on a part time basis. Since then it has become clear to me that this is a role I would always want now in school. It may seem expensive initially, but the financial and curriculum benefits to the pupils that the role brings pay for the salary many times over!"

Graeme Burgess
Headteacher, Balsall Common Primary School


CrowdFundEd is a dedicated portal that streamlines the way you promote and manage your fundraising projects and events. Once a project is set up, you can easily distribute links via email or  social media to the page. Then parents, family, friends, local businesses and anyone in your local community can make a donation large or small. Your supporters can monitor progress to your project target which inspires them to make further donations. CrowdFundEd takes away all the administrative burden of collecting cash and cheques – it is the one-stop gateway to effortless management and promotion of your fundraising ambitions.

Community Join Us

"We were delighted by how quickly people responded to our appeal, and in less than one month we had reached our £3,000 target, with an extra £45 on top! We even received a £1,000 anonymous donation. The build for the tree hut began we had a fabulous grand opening. The children were absolutely delighted with the results, and we are so grateful to those who contributed to our project."

Ruth Butler,
School Governor, St John's CEC Primary School, Rowlands Castle, Hampshire (204 pupils)


The ultimate directory of fundraising suppliers and other resources. From raffle ticket printers to playground equipment (and everything in between), you'll find it here!

Pricing Join Us

FundEd is designed to equip you with the tried and tested solutions, expert guidance and practical tools you need to solve your school funding dilemmas

FundEd, the school fundraising association, is dedicated to supporting all those involved in fundraising and income generation in UK education. FundEd brings together Headteachers, Business Managers, Governors, teaching staff, PTA Chairs, fundraising professionals, philanthropists and business leaders, to share ideas and inspire solutions to the funding crisis facing schools. FundEd is a sustainable programme which aims to train and galvanise both experienced fundraisers and those who are new to the role. We do this by sharing best practice through case studies and expert advice, providing a library of high-quality guides and templates, backed up with technology solutions that enable funding to be sought as quickly and efficiently as possible. With austerity measures affecting public sector funding, it is crucial that schools become proactive about exploring new income streams in order to maintain and enrich the school curriculum.

How much does FundEd membership cost? A FundEd subscription costs just £225 for one year or £450 for three years (+ VAT). Your CrowdFundEd gallery page has space for a sponsor logo, so why not get a local business to sponsor your membership and get all the benefits of FundEd completely free of charge!

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